Trei luni în România. Jordi.

Faceţi cunoştinţă cu Jordi. Mi-a găsit blogul pe Google, căutând poze cu Guns N Roses. Înţelege româna şi îşi încheie mesajele pe care mi le dă pe Facebook cu Mulţumesc pentru toată. Nu am umblat deloc la Engleza lui, exact cum mi-a scris el însuşi despre călătoria sa în ţara noastră, aşa am publicat. Vă las acum cu relatarea

In summer ’08  I was 3 months in Romania. Peoples  ‘Sasi’ of Transylvania, let me sleep in your house without asking money in return. Brasov, Sibiu, the route of the churches Moldovan (Suceava), Sighisoara, Sinaia, Rasnov, Black Sea … awesome! As much as speak illness of Romanians in Barcelona I always say that they are very wrong.

“Nu vorbesc limba romana foarte bun”. “Frumosa tara, Romania iubesc” and… bufff… “Unde sunt toalete?”… “Unde este Carrefour Bulevardul Unirii?”

I have 1200 photos from Romania! I have my facebook photos of Bucharest and other cities like Sibiu, Brasov and Iasi. I’m Catalan (in Mediterranian of course) and live in Barcelona, but I’m Manresa (city from 60 km Barcelona). Gun’s Roses will be coming in Barcelona on 23 october. Weah!
Keep up the spirit Romania!
Keep up the spirit Gun’s Roses!
and Keep up the spirit Axl Rose!

In Romania I happened thousand things!! xD

As a traffic accident between a car and a horse, my falling into a Saxon church which caused a scandal… Some make you laugh I know others such as disputes with the gypsies (Rom) of the roads are sad.

The summer of 2008 my holiday destination was Romania. Why I chose this country, I havn’t too clear … was not one of those countries that always dreamed of going, but was an accumulation of circumstances.
The comments from the friends of the History faculty from Barcelona, were to make a trip very topical em a city like Paris, Berlin or London. The comments from the friends of the Faculty of History, were to make a trip very topical em a city like Paris, Berlin or London itself. Students of history of my last year, 2008, didn’t want to go to Romania.
The story finished with a very mythical end, me and my friend Hugo (his wife is Romanian and I taught the romanian language) in Bucharest and the fellow half traitors of history in Berlin.

Upon arrival in Bucharest, Radu our guide was waiting with his car. It was night and not to cold. I remember that the apartments were right in front of the Lutheran Church of Bucharest.
Maybe my English isn’t all good. For now have a chapter! xD

Later I’ll tell you how to get it into the Palace of Congresses of the Communist Party (that is abandoned like the huge chairs where it was Ceausescu). We had to lie the official or policeman (we don’t know it was), told him we were journalists and we had to pay. Inside the building, haven’t take pictures.

Ce-aţi înţeles? Că i-a plăcut, da? Că nu e de acord cu părerea pe care o au spaniolii despre românii din Brcelona. Că nu i-a venit să creadă că acei saşi nu i-au cerut bani de cazare. Să vă zic că are ca poză de profil o fotografie de la Ateneu?


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jordi Bonvehí on October 3, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Da, imaginea este Roman Ateneum


  2. marfa, ii place Romania mai mult decat imi place mie, probbail…da-ne si noua profilul :))


  3. Posted by Jordi Bonvehí on October 3, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    In a village sasi of Archita, near Sighisoara, the people let us go to church. We were told that there was no problem, we could get to sleep in side church. The next day we would probably pay, but we preferred going to a cazale of Sighisoara.


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